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                                                B i o g r a f y




Classical and modern Pianist, composer, arranger, teacher

Fabrizio Siciliano is an Italian pianist and composer coming from classical environment,

with a great passion for many other musical genres.
He keeps successfully explorating the world of movie music and works regularly for tv shows,

movies and theatre.

Biography and Education:

Born in Rome, he begins studying piano at the age of five.

- 1984: Master degree in classical piano at the Conservatory S. Cecilia in Rome

   with maximum grades cum laude.

- From 1985 to 1991: advanced training course in Lausanne, Ecole internationale de piano with

   Maestro Fausto Zadra.

- He wins prizes in various national piano competitions.

- 1986 and 1990: studies chamber music, attending courses at Accademia Chigiana in Siena.

- 1983-90: Studies and advanced training in Composition under the guide of Maestro Gino Marinuzzi jr.

Recent engagements have included:

 - September 1997 until April 1998: Performing in the most famous Italian theaters as keyboardist,      arranger and actor in "Frankenstein Musical" -  Comedy written and interpreted by the actor

  Tullio Solenghi, original music composed by the Italian pop songwriter Daniele Silvestri.

- Since 2003: Collaboration with the rock band Nuove Tribu' Zulu

  (Live performances, composition and arrangements,

  recording of the cd "Gente del Cielo" - 2007)


-2015: Borges - Piazzolla with Giorgio Albertazzi and Mariangela D'Abbraccio

  Ravello festival-Tindari festival- Teatro Quirino - Perugia Art Festival

  quintet: guitar, double bass, accordion, violin, piano.


-2015-16-17-21-22-23- Il Marchese del Grillo -

  musical with Enrico Montesano - Max Giusti

  assistant music  and orchestrator added the master Emanuele Friello.


-2016-17- Evita - Opera Rock with Malika Ayane

  Piano and Keyboard  of the orchestra conducted by master  E. Friello

-2017-18-19-21-22-23- Mamma Mia - Musical 

-Director and Keyboard

-2018-23-  Billy Elliot - Musical

  Director and Keyboard.

-2018-19-  School of Rock - Musicals

  Director and Keyboard.

-2019-20-  The Full Monty - Musicals

  Director and Keyboard.

- Composing music for advertising, documentary films, movies and TV shows.


- 1992: "Quattro figli unici", featured at Venezia Film Festival, with R. Citran, M. Valentini,

  director F.Wetzl.

- 1996: "La grande quercia", featured at Berlin Film Festival, with G. Moschin, L. Alberti, M.Valentini,        director  P. Bianchini.

- 1997: "Una vacanza all'inferno", with G. Giannini, M. Abraham, M. Leonardi, director T. Valerii.

- 2000: "Le giraffe", with S. Ferilli , V. Pivetti, director C. Bonivento.

- 2007: "Quell'estate felice", with O. Magnani, director B. Cino
 "Awarded Best soundtrack at Cinema Festival in Messina" (April 2009) 

- 2012: "Il sole dentro"  with A. Finocchiaro, F. Salvi, director P. Bianchini.

- 2012:   Italian-French production "Gli equilibristi" , with V. Mastandrea, B.Bobulova,

  director Ivano di Matteo.

  Participates with the song "Da domani cambio vita",

  composed in collaboration with the rock band Nuove Tribù Zulu.

(Italian Public broadcasting company):

- 1995: "Infiltrato", with V. Mastandrea, M. Wertmuller,
B.Bobulova, A.Melato. director C. Sestieri.

 - 2001: "L'attentatuni",  with V. Pivetti, C. Amendola, T. Sperandeo, director C. Bonivento.

 - 2002: "L'uomo del vento", with A. Boni, T. D'Aquino, director P. Bianchini.

 - 2003: "Ricordi e fotografie", documentary film by Damiano Damiani.


 - 2013: "Qualunque cosa succeda" with P. F. Favino, A. Caprioli, M. Populizio, director A. Negrin.

  Opening film of the festival's international fiction of Rome (13 to 19 September 2014)

  Auditorium of Rome.


(Italian Private broadcasting company)

- 1999: "Squadra mobile scomparsi", 8 episodes Tv series with C.Amendola, E. S. Ricci,

   director C. Bonivento

 - 2001: "Camici bianchi", 11 episodes Tv series. Produced by Achille Manzotti.




Short film:


" Ciao amore" (1995) director  Lorenzo Mieli e Francesco Villa, with Alfredo Caruso


"Animali notturni" (1995) director G. Pecorelli, with Amanda Sandrelli, Rocarey Blas


" Phobos" (1997) director  Alessandro Mariuttini, with V. Mastandrea



- Since 2011 he teaches Music theory and harmony in the "Master Sound" course,

   faculty of Engineering at Tor Vergata University in Rome.


 - Since 2021 he teaches Music analyses and harmony At the "Conservatory of music " in Matera

   in 2021-22.

-  Currently at the Conservatory of Rodi Garganico.


-"  La voce del silenzio" - for piano and voice - music by G.Petrassi -  (1996)

- " Gente del cielo" -  nuove tribù zulu - piano-keyboard and co-author 3 song - (2007)

- " La dolce vita" -  author for orchestra -  (2010)

- "".  - solo piano  - music various Italian authors -  (2011)

-" Spot&go"  -  author for orchestra.  - ( 2012)

-" Qualunque cosa succeda" - soundtrack author - filmtv Rai. -   (2014)

-" That french feeling"  - author for trio.   - (2019)

-" Age & Scarpelli suite - arrangements for quintet. -  (2023)



Due to his versatility and multiple cultural interests, he has many ongoing projects

with musicians from different backgrounds (jazz, pop, rock, ethnic).

- On the eve of the 100th Anniversary of Cinema's Birth, he conducts a concert funded by the Local Administration of Regione Lazio: the programme presents music composed by Nino Rota

for the most famous films by Federico Fellini, performed by the "Insieme Strumentale di Roma" featuring the renowned Italian jazz musicians Roberto Gatto, Enzo Pietropaoli, Gabriele Mirabassi.

- Director and arranger of
"Cinematic Ensemble" (Repertoire from the most famous movie music)

- Director and arranger of
"Fabrizio Siciliano Group" (Musical journey through the popular and               traditional dances from all the world)

-and of the Musical Project "Age & Scarpelli Suite" piano, violin, v.cello, c.bass and rhythm "Screenplays in Music". project performed in important concert halls such as the Rome Auditorium, Auditorium "Ennio Morricone" at the Tor Vergata University in Rome, -

-in April 2023 the record was released.

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